To this we’ve come

To this we’ve come….Craigslist.

In between big fancy opera and bohemian theater gigs, I teach voice and piano. Now, admittedly, this is something I’ve only recently had room in my schedule for, but I REALLY enjoy it. And up until now, finding students has been relatively simple, but that has been a false illusion.

In Boston, I had the luxury of stepping into a fully formed studio while a friend of mine was out of town.

In Maine, things started slow, but by the end of my 6 weeks there it felt like I was beating off potential new students with a stick.

Now, I’m in New Jersey. No. Not “Near New York” New Jersey or “Near Philly New Jersey” just plane old New Jersey. And drumming up students has been rough (hence, the Craigslist Add See, I even used my friendly teacher face headshot).

I’ve also been added to the faculty at the Cornerstone Music Studio in Millstone, where I now have a whopping 2 students! I know word will spread, and I have to be patient, but in the meantime…. if you know of anyone in the Central Jersey area who would want a voice lesson, I hope you’ll send them over to your favorite blue collar diva.