The 3 Ps

Don’t we look sexy? You’d never know this picture was at the end of a LONG day of filming for a new, online only opera company (think Netflix for Opera). I’ve always wanted to sing a Mimì, and since I seem to be incapable of doing any kind of traditional gig, this was my chance!

I have a rule of three P’s: People, Piece, Pay. You have to have 2 of the three for me to be happy and agree to do your gig. The piece in this case, La Bohème happens to be one of my favorites AND constantly one of the top 10 produced operas every year. The people were great. I got to sing with my friend, the FANTASTIC tenor/ actor Glenn 7 Allen, and directing the project is one of my favorite photographer’s/ recording engineer/ videographer and all around brilliant multi media artist Daniel Welch. Seriously, if you’re a singer looking to make a recording, he is worth every penny. At that point, the Pay part of the equation doesn’t really matter to me. I mean, I’m not getting rich making art, but I’m not starving either. And considering what it would cost for me to record something of the same quality, there was no question. There ya go, 2 outta 3, making the third, to me not matter. After all, they’re a new company and I think it’s always a good thing to get in at the ground level.

Can’t wait to see the final product!!