Oh The Lobster!

I had such a lovely New England Summer. Oh the seafood! The gloriously fresh and cheap seafood! At first the lobster was cheap, then a chorus member just so happened to be a lobsterman (which it turns out, is not that uncommon at all) and just GAVE us lobsters. I’ll have to opt out of my next cholesterol check at my physical. Or start eating more Kale.


It was such in interesting learning experience to work with such a diverse cast of actors and community members. On the team we had 4 Equity Actors including a brilliant television and theater character actor (Who recently appeared on the The Knick on Cinemax. He was so awesome, his scene was featured here ), An old school song and dance man who’s performed at just about every major regional theater ever, a recent grad form a theater program in New England that specialized in experimental and absurdist pieces….. and me. The Opera Singer trying expand her rep and do more Musical Theater. And there were times when I really felt out of my league. Especially in act 2 where Jason and I have a climatic scene leading to a 10 min long duet. The first day we ran it, every time he got a note, he would transform in front of my eyes into a different entity. It was amazing to witness that kind of craft up close and it caught me completely off guard. Clearly, we were going on a journey and this was my moment to be in, or out. So I did my best to hang on to the awesome acting train and hopefully not slow down my amazing colleagues.

Here’s a picture of Jason, out acting me:
The Last Ferryman 2014 act 2

Don’t worry, what I lacked in acting chops, I made up for in High notes.

Everyone was really supportive; apparently, I’m not as crappy of an actor as I think I am. Recommending new monologues and plays, PLAYS for me to audition for in the fall. Who knows?

And we must have done SOMETHING right, since we sold out THE ENTIRE RUN! YAY TEAM!!