Never Sing Sick……

Unless you absolutely HAVE to sing sick, then it better not be for an audition and you better know what the hell you’re doing.​
This year I returned to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Yuletide! celebration with Sandy Patti and was really looking forward to it. I love Christmas, I love Christmas music, and the many, MANY amazing Christmas gowns that go with it (seriously, they’re amazing, check ’em out on my Insta). So I was SUPER bummed yo come down with a terrible respiratory infection during tech week, that hung around for a full 2 weeks. It was awful, truly awful. I felt like Mimi in act 4, but miraculously, none of my colleagues caught it, thank God. And being singers and good colleagues, they all offered their various helpful remedies. Here are a few if my favorites (Disclaimer, I’m not a medical professional. If you’re sick GO TO THE ENT!):

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea
2 tbs each of lemon juice& apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup of hot water and a dash of cinnamon.
To tell you the truth, I don’t think this really did anything, but it always made me feel a little better drinking it.

Apparently bodybuilders use this stuff help with inflammation, and since singers can’t take aspirin or Advil while they sing (it’s a blood thinner and *can* increase risk of a vocal fold hemorrhage, so they say. I dunno, ask a doctor) I found this stuff really helpful who knows it was just a placebo effect but I highly recommended it.

I have never heard of this stuff before but a good friend recommended it. As far as I can tell it’s like herbal chloraseptic spray, and numbs that raw feeling from coughing 24-7. I’m a big fan.

Ya wanna know the things that ACTUALLY worked?
  • Drinking all the water
  • Time
  • Rest
  • Steam, steam, steam
  • A Zpac and a course of steroids from the ENT.

Singing sick BLOWS! But, it’s always a technical challenge: How do I make sound without pushing when my chords are swollen? Hopefully you’ll never have to do it. But if you’re looking for some remedies, those are my favs.