HMS Pinafore

I blinked my eyes and suddenly it’s production week for HMS Pinafore at Knoxville Opera (one of my favorite places to work).


This is my second show with the brilliant Brian Deedrick (Director extraordinaire), third with Brian Salesky (Conductor to the starts) and 4th with Baritone Sean Anderson (The Captain to end all Captains). I always hoped one day I’d get to a place in my career where I was just meeting up with old friends to put on a show, et voilà!!

We’ve had a criminal amount of fun in rehearsals, and even in promoting the show as seen here:

and here:

I still think we need to find a way to commander a morning show or something. You know, in case this singing thing doesn’t work out. I could be the next Kathy Lee right?

Fingers crossed for a smooth week of Tech and a Sold out show!!