It feels like I just returned from  Pagliacci at Opera in the Heights, an opera, and company I’d never thought I’d work for. Seriously, talk about persistence being the key to success. I’ve sung for Opera in the Heights four times, and only now was a good fit… for a role I never thought I’d sing, EVER!

Pagliacci was one of those operas I never really allowed myself to enjoy because, at the time I thought no one would ever hire me for it, so why pay attention. It was always up there with Tosca as a: Oh, too bad you can’t sing that role, cause temperament wise, you’d be perfect for it.” Thanks? To be honest, I sort of auditioned for it on a whim. I looked at there season, and nothing really fit, but I remember coaching Stridonno Lassu in a voice lesson a few years ago so, why not dust that sucker off. I mean, since I only had a few days notice, what’s the worse that could happen? That audition may also have been the first time I’d sung it with piano in 5 years. Terrible! Young me would NEVER do anything so reckless. Old me apparently lives on the edge/ has the experience to get her sh*t together. I remember being a little concerned about remembering the aria (is it vie del ciel first or nubi d’or?), so I stated with it. It still sort of shocks me when I make it to the end. Theres a moment where my brain goes “Holly Sh*t! This is big!! Are you gonna make it?! ARE YOU GONNA MAKE IT?!?!” It’s like there’s a little green monster on my shoulder, and then nothing happens, it’s very anticlimactic.

OITH_IPagliacci_DonatHeadstandI booked the gig, and it ended up being one of those magical theatrical experiences that stay with you, and keep you going during the bad gigs. Never has a role fit me more perfectly vocally and dramatically, AND I get to stand on my head:

I hope to sing it again, and again, and again!

So, opera fairy-godmother, if your listening, if all I do for the next 10 years is sing Nedda with the occasional Violetta and Julette,  I will be 100% happy. Hey, a girl can dream!

Check out this recoding from rehearsal: