Oh The Lobster!

I had such a lovely New England Summer. Oh the seafood! The gloriously fresh and cheap seafood! At first the lobster was cheap, then a chorus member just so happened to be a lobsterman (which it turns out, is not that uncommon at all) and just GAVE us lobsters. I’ll have to opt out of
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New Music

I love working on new music. Whether that’s new to me, or new to everyone. It’s like working on a giant puzzle and I feel lucky enough that my next few projects have some pretty exciting music. Don’t get me wrong, learning music can be a slog-fest, but every now and then something special happens.
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The Magic Flute – Opera Tampa

I had a great time in Tampa performing Second Lady with a wonderful cast and company. I have now performed 5 of the six women’s roles in Die Zauberfloete including The Queen (which will never happen again), Pamina, Pagagena, First Lady and now Second Lady. Who knows, maybe with enough whiskey and cigars one day I’ll
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