Best. Day. Ever.

My name is Donata, and somewhere in the whirlwind of this past audition season, I had THE BEST DAY EVER!

One weekend I flew out to audition for Indianapolis Opera to sing for them, as it was looking highly likely that I’d be moving there for my Husband’s job in the spring. I went through my Day-of-show/ audition routine which for me goes something like this:

Wake up

Eat Breakfast

Run 2 miles

Transform from sweaty homeless person to Diva while warming up

Eat lunch

Brush teeth (This time that happened to be on the side of the road, but whatevs)

Audition, LIKE A BOSS

Get changed for flight home on side of the road, like a boss.

Then the magic really started. I arrived early at the airport and asked about being moved to an earlier & direct flight home instead. The first attendant said that was a $300 up -charge, just as I was about to say Thanks, but nothanks, another attendant chimed in and said “Oh no, her flight is delayed, you can totally move her up for free.” Score!

The line at TSA was longer than usual, so I was a little concerned, but thanks to earlier mentioned running training, was able to make it to the gate as the last person on the plane. Phew!

As we boarded, the lady in front of me was complaining about the air lines, I kept my mouth shut, already feeling like I was tempting the fates. After I boarded the plane, I looked at the flight attendant and said “You know, I’ve never been the last person on a plane before, how odd.” She lit up like a Christmas tree and said “You’re the last person on Board!? Yes!” Then she looked around the EMPTY FIRST CLASS CABBIN gestured to a seat in the front row and said “Want to sit up here?” DO I EVER!! Two beers, free popcorn (my favorite thing) and a Magazine later we had landed home. I turn on my phone to find A JOB OFFER FROM THE AUDITION I HAD JUST SANG!!!!

And that, my friends, is how you have the best day ever. I am so excited to be joining Indianapolis Opera for their upcoming production of Mansfield Park. Now I just have to learn all the music.