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Theater 101

I am always honored to work with students on stage, and as a guide. I was fortunate enough to cut my teeth at Upper Darby Summer Stage, which is celebrating its 40th season. In 6 weeks, Summer Stage presents more than 35 performances, including the Children’s Theater and Mainstage performances, an evening of scenes and
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Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self, I promise you that work will always come. After my concerts with Bristole Riverside Theater I had a whole in my schedule, and no upcoming gigs to speak of. In the bleak winter it’s easy to get fatalistic and think that I’ll never work again. It’s a thought that comes to me
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HMS Pinafore

I blinked my eyes and suddenly it’s production week for HMS Pinafore at Knoxville Opera (one of my favorite places to work). This is my second show with the brilliant Brian Deedrick (Director extraordinaire), third with Brian Salesky (Conductor to the starts) and 4th with Baritone Sean Anderson (The Captain to end all Captains). I
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To this we’ve come

To this we’ve come….Craigslist. In between big fancy opera and bohemian theater gigs, I teach voice and piano. Now, admittedly, this is something I’ve only recently had room in my schedule for, but I REALLY enjoy it. And up until now, finding students has been relatively simple, but that has been a false illusion. In
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Oh The Lobster!

I had such a lovely New England Summer. Oh the seafood! The gloriously fresh and cheap seafood! At first the lobster was cheap, then a chorus member just so happened to be a lobsterman (which it turns out, is not that uncommon at all) and just GAVE us lobsters. I’ll have to opt out of
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New Music

I love working on new music. Whether that’s new to me, or new to everyone. It’s like working on a giant puzzle and I feel lucky enough that my next few projects have some pretty exciting music. Don’t get me wrong, learning music can be a slog-fest, but every now and then something special happens.
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