Audition Season, Part 2

Once upon a time all auditions happened in the 2 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was awful, and awesome. If you rocked out that week, you were set for the year, but if you came down with a cold, you were SCREWED. Yes it was tough, but you also got to have 1 million mini- reunions from the summer program/ yap/ show you just did and enjoy all the NYC has to offer someone with a still valid student I.D.

Just look how wide eyed an innocent we look! Pretty sure that’s us sharing a single coffee and pretending that NYC in December isn’t horrible. I’m pretending I don’t make a living singing outreach opera in a horse costume. You think I’m kidding? Check my insta for a #tbt Here I’m with two Ithaca alums; Canadian Baritone Michael Nyby and the soon to be world famous Alexandra Loutsion. Seriously, if you’re near a show they’re doing CANCEL ALL YOUR PLANS AND GO!!

Those were the good old days. Yes, there are still many, MANY auditions in NYC at that time, but fewer and fewer companies are coming to NYC these days. It’s another reason I’m glad I don’t live in NYC anymore.

This spring I traveled to AZ, TN, CO, MO & NYC (for good measure). I didn’t even un pack in between trips. Just wash the clothes and put them directly back into the suitcase. Hopping into NYC is relatively easy for me. There are a TON of IND-LGA flights and I have lots of friends to crash with, but traveling elsewhere for auditions is a totally different ball game. I’ve always been a working shmo kinda singer, and I think there’s a reason for that. I don’t really like to travel! There I said it! I am a home body. I want to be in my pjs by 8pm watching a movie with some popcorn and my old pall Jameson.

Out of town auditions involve so many more variables; strange cities, strange airports, strange hotels, rental cars that smell like cigarets, friends that forget to mention they have a CAT, warm up spaces (or lack there of) the only toilet in the building being exactly next to an open rehearsal room. Yep. That happened.

And when you travel for an audition or for work, you usually don’t get to enjoy anything that city has to offer because you are hibernating and trying to conserve energy for the job at hand, which can lead to a really weird schedule.

Take my most recent trip to Arizona. I caught a terrible 5am flight (all flights at 5am are terrible) the day of my audition. I know, crazy right? Somehow, because time zones, we land at 6am. I’ve been so all over the place that as I’m in the air I think to myself: “I should have rented a car. Crap. Maybe I can get a walk up? Is that a thing?” This spring I learned that you can still purchase walk up tickets at the airport with no up-charge. I learned you can do the same for a rental car, but they will charge you 1 million dollars. Nope. Uber it is! Not. So. Fast. Have you ever tried to hail an Uber from the rental car area at an airport? Trust me, DON’T DO IT! After some shenanigans it’s only 7am, I can’t check into my hotel yet and I am starving. I might have forgotten to rent a car, but I sure did my research when it came to places to eat! I had up to Lux Central and have a fantastic second breakfast and begin to feel like myself again, but it’s only 8am, I’m full but exhausted and my audition isn’t until 2pm. I decide to throw caution to the wind and head to the hotel and do my best little orphan Annie impression, with the hope of being lead to a bed. A big, beautiful, overpriced, hotel bed. Turns out, I do a pretty good orphan Annie, even on very little sleep and with no makeup on.

After a glorious, glorious nap I feel like a new woman and am even able to meet an old friend from Ithaca the amazing Brian DeMaris for coffee pre- audition (SO much time to kill).  He shows me around ASU and a warm up room (hurray!) All I have to do is hail an uber to my audition. Easy right? NOPE! They are updating their system and the entire network is down. I get one, but the app won’t work for him to bring me to my audition. I WILL NOT BE LATE! I give him $40 in cash and tell him to DRIVE! At this point, I’m already so deep in the whole when it comes to spending on planes, trains and automobiles it doesn’t even matter any more. Broke is broke.

I make it to the audition and manage to do a decent job, considering all the shenanigans involved in getting there. You know what, it was more than decent, I sang really well and am proud of how I did. A younger, less experienced me would NOT have done as good a job managing all those variables to still walk in like you got a full 8 hours of sleep and it’s just a normal day for you. For this audition I give myself a gold star.

I went out to lunch (dinner? Who even knows anymore) with some of the other singers and make it back to my hotel and was in bed by 7pm local time, ready for the next early morning flight so I could make it back home again….